Western Sky sub division

This is the Western Sky sub division at the west edge of Alma, right beside the golf course.  We will try to put pictures on here as the project proceeds.


looking west for new sewerlooking west for new sewer new sewer routenew sewer route VanKirk equipment working on sewerVanKirk equipment working on sewer New sewer partsNew sewer parts Hole entranceHole entrance New manhole locationNew manhole location Lowering parts downLowering parts down deep holedeep hole Final Plat mapFinal Plat map deep muddeep mud Sewer constructionSewer construction fire hydrants waiting for installfire hydrants waiting for install sewer manhole partssewer manhole parts material to be installedmaterial to be installed moving material to where it is neededmoving material to where it is needed pipe for sub divisionpipe for sub division taking shapetaking shape tough getting around in the mudtough getting around in the mud