Western Sky Subdivision

"Our City is always on the lookout to offer opportunities to the people of Alma and those wanting to move to Alma.  A large opportunity that has been in the works is a new subdivision.  This is the Western Sky sub division at the west edge of Alma, right beside the golf course. 

On January 16, 2019, Alma City Council awarded Van Kirk Brothers Construction the contract to install the public infrastructure for Western Sky Properties Subdivision. The bid came in at $596,580.60 for water, sanitary sewer, 24 foot wide paved streets, and ditch drainage.  This infrastucture has been installed and the natural gas, electric lines, and street lights are in the process of being installed, with completion expected very soon. 

The City filed the final plat of Phase I  (which consists of 20 lots) on January 31st so lots can now be officially sold. Phase II is also in process and lots are still available. 
If you want to see a drawing of Phase I, it is available on a link below. Or you can pick up a copy at the City Office or call 308.928.2242 and the City Clerk would be glad to email a copy to you.

It would be worth your time to drive out to the Western Sky Subdivison and take a look.  There are  homes built and more are well underway.
If you are interested in purchasing a lot, please contact Country Road Realty at 308-928-3120.

To see the final plat of the subdivison, please click here.