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The City of Alma offers a wide range of events, seasonal festivals, and sports competitions, to spending time in our local park, on the lake, and relaxing with your family for an afternoon of outdoor fun.  There are lots of activities to choose from.

The Alma RV Park offers a nice place to park your camper and visit our area. 

The Alma Municipal Golf Course offers a chance to play a few rounds of golf and enjoy our fresh air.

The Peckerneck Horseback Riding Trail offers an awesome way to see views of the Halan County Lake and spend time with your horse and friends.

The Pheasant Ridge Hiking/Biking Trail offers you the oppurtunity to get out and stretch your legs or take that bike out for a tour.  More great views of the Harlan County Lake and possibly see wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Alma Swimming Pool offers a sure fire way to cool off and have a good time.

The Parrot Theater offers you a chance to watch top movies in a home town family freindly surroundings.

The Harlan County Tourism website also provides information of the area.  Please check it out.


Come out and meet your neighbors and enjoy all of the many things that make the City of Alma a great place to live!