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Back in December of 2019 the City announced that it had applied for a matching grant to do a feasibility study on what improvements are needed to get the Auditorium back into top shape.  The City has been approved for this grant and are taking the first steps.  We recently met with an Engineering firm and an Architectural firm to look at the building to see what needs repaired, replaced, and upgraded.  We have had a public meeting to present what was being looked at and to get ideas from the public.  We are now in the process of doing a survey to get some answers from you, the users of the Auditorium, to understand just how you want to see the Auditorium in the future.  All this information will be compiled and recommendations will be made, along with estimated costs..  After all of this is completed the City will decide if they wish to move on to step 2, which would be implementing the improvements.  Again, grant money is available to help with this step as well.  The Auditorium is a landmark in Alma and personally I feel it needs to be saved and brought back to its original glory.  We all know, and expect, that the recommendations will be expensive.  However, with the 50% matching grant to do the improvements we can spend quite a bit of money and have a very nice building to be proud of even more than we are now.  Please click on this link and take the survey it will take a short amount of your time and help the users of the Auditorium for a very long time:


The City of Alma has two facilites that are available to be rented for a variety of activities and your get togethers or celebrations.  Rent is on a first come first serve basis and the City Clerk keeps a running calendar of when the facitlites are available.

The Johnson Center offers a full kitchen, restrooms, and a 42' x 70' banquet room with 22 tables (30"x96") and approximately 115 chairs.

The City Auditorium offers a full kitchen, restrooms, a balcony, a stage, is approximately 60' x 110' (overall dimensions), has 30 tables (30'x96") and approximately 200 chairs.  Roller skating and roller blading are also allowed in the Auditorium for an additional $50.00 charge to cover liablity insurance.



Auditorium SurveyAuditorium Survey Auditorium balcony to stageAuditorium balcony to stage Auditorium balcony towards kitchenAuditorium balcony towards kitchen Auditorium from stageAuditorium from stage Johnson Center kitchenJohnson Center kitchen Johnson Center main room looking northJohnson Center main room looking north Johnson Center main room looking towards kitchenJohnson Center main room looking towards kitchen Johnson Center main room looking westJohnson Center main room looking west Johnson Center south parking lotJohnson Center south parking lot

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