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2023 Road Race Results


5K Women's Results     5K Men's Results    
18 and Under          
Place Name Time   18 and Under    
1st Tayley Becker 27:34:00   Place Name Time
2nd Margot Sturtevant 28:28:00   1st Isaac DeJonge 20:45
3rd Aspen Stowe 39:01:00   2nd Carter Trambley 20:52
4th Miley Gronewoller 40:54:00   3rd Nolan Pfeil 23:17
5th Lexi Gronewoller 52:26:00   4th  Ian Dunse 24:39:00
        5th Creighton Lynch 25:34:00
        6th  Isaac Hamilton 25:34:00
19-29       7th Nels Swanson 26:07:00
Place  Name Time   8th William Jessup 26:42:00
1st Hannah Danner 24:40:00   9th Wyatt Trambly 30:42:00
2nd Jaden Donley 27:43:00   10th Jeramyah Ruskamp 31:30:00
3rd Leah Ring 32:45:00        
4th Grace Fegter 37:52:00   19-29    
5th  Kim Coffey 46:46:00   Place  Name Time
6th Gracie Jessup 53:08:00   1st Aaron Sturtevant 22:39
        2nd AJ Russell 23:02
        3rd Andrew Daily 25:49:00
30-49       4th  Jacob Daake 32:38:00
Place Name Time   5th  Zadok Taylor 53:11:00
1st Mindy Gronewoller 24:58:00        
2nd DeAnna Ruskamp 25:13:00   30-49    
3rd Jessica Kraus 27:23:00   Place Name Time
4th Jenn Bergstrom 31:13:00   1st AJ Dahlgren 23:38
5th Becky Frizzel 31:23:00   2nd  Blaine Gronewoller 24:57:00
6th Julie Fegter 32:10:00   3rd Jim Stewart 25:27:00
7th Erin VanBoening 34:00:00   4th Jason Schweitzer 34:55:00
8th Sarah Beckman 34:09:00        
9th Dani Ramsey 38:09:00   50+    
10th Stefanie Staab 38:11:00   Place Name Time
11th Amber Stowe 39:23:00   1st David Sturtevant 25:04:00
12th Patricia Hellriegel 39:36:00   2nd Erick Erickson 48:24:00
        3rd Mark Griffith 52:25:00
Place  Name Time        
1st Pam Bowen 32:56:00        
2nd  Sara Kosmicki 35:24:00        
3rd Sonya Griffith 41:01:00        
        10K Men's Results    
Name Time     18 and Under    
Suzie Huhman 51:48:00     Place Name Time
Libby Sadd 57:51:00     1st Justin Golus 39:45:00
        2nd Trace Bislow 40:00:00
        3rd Isaiah Springer 40:08:00
Name Time     4th Kyler Carraher 40:53:00
Tate Long 48:41:00     5th Micah Johnson 41:35:00
Katherine Stewart 49:30:00     6th  Cooper Kosmicki 46:53:00
Dana Steiner 55:14:00          
Gina Dunse 59:40:00     19-29    
        Place Name Time
        1st Stephen Sage 42:05:00
        2nd Alan Christensen 60:58:00
        Place Name Time
        1st Kane Ramsey 47:05:00
        2nd Wade Williams 47:32:00
        3rd Roy Jessup 49:21:00
        4th John Denton 51:24:00
        5th Curtis VanDerVeen 51:43:00
        6th Mark Kraus 54:48:00
        7th Aaron Beckman 54:19:00
        8th Nate Waggoner 55:02:00
        9th Matt Ruskamp 64:34:00
Place Name Time
1st Brian Bergstrom 56:46:00
2nd John Petr 59:08:00
3rd Bill Johnson 61:55:00

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City Administrator Position


Due to the retirement of the City Administrator, the City of Alma is accepting applications for the City Administrator. The position is responsible for coordinating, overseeing, and managing the operations of all city departments. Bachelor's degree, or equivalent experience, in public administration, business administration or related field preferred. Individual with experience in personnel management, economic development and budgeting/finance is desired. Salary scale is $37-$84K. Benefit package including medical, dental, vision, vacation and sick leave is included. Employees may participate in a matching five percent retirement plan. A  more extensive job description and application form can be found on our Employment Opportunity webpage - Click Here. Submit application, cover letter and resume to City Clerk, P.O. Box 468, Alma, NE 68920-0468 or Position open till filled; City of Alma is an EOE

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Alma gWorks Video


The City of Alma utilizes a company named gWorks to keep track of our city infrastructure and property locations.  They recently created an advertising video to showcase one type of servive they provide and picked Alma as their reference.  Check out the video and see if you recognize the city buildings!  Alma gWorks Video 

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