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Alma gWorks Video


The City of Alma utilizes a company named gWorks to keep track of our city infrastructure and property locations.  They recently created an advertising video to showcase one type of servive they provide and picked Alma as their reference.  Check out the video and see if you recognize the city buildings!  Alma gWorks Video 

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The City Council on October 6, 2021, voted to proceed with the Auditorium remodel.  The next step in the process is to establish funding for the estimated $1.2 million renovation and apply for a CCCFF Construction Grant.  The council voted to use the estimated CCCFF Grant in the amount of $562,000, the Community Building Department’s projected year-end balance of $413,000, along with $200,00 from cash reserves.  The remaining balance, which will vary according to the project bids, is to be paid with a combination of fundraising efforts and additional budgeted funds if available.

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Miller and Associates presented to the City Council on January 20, 2021 the City Auditorium CCCFF Feasibility Study.  The study is broken down into the Project Overview, Community Overview, Public Support, City Auditorium, and Implementation.  It also gives the data collected from the Public Input meetings and the Public Input Surveys.  On the Community page of our website under the Community Center's "Relevant Documents" you can view the CCCFF Feasibility Study that was presented or click here.

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