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Alma Utilities/Services Rates


Natural Gas Rates

Monthly Gas Rates effective October 2014.

Minimum Service Charge for Residential $12.25 + per ccf $.967.

Minimum Service Charge for General Service (commercial) $28.70 + per ccf $.967.

Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA) Effective for August 2018 ($1.60).  The PGA charge is to offset a gas price increase.

Water Rates

Monthly Water Rates effective October 2014.

Residential and Commercial rates are the same.

Minimum Service Charge $12.75 + each 1,000 gallons of water used $1.55

Water tap fees average $300.00 depending upon main location.  Please contact the City Office and City Personnel will research your situation and contact you about tap fees.

Sewer Rates

Effective April 27, 2017. Ordinance 2017-3, passed 4-19-2017

All charges billed monthly.

Residential Rate: New customers: $13.00 per month. Usage fees shall be recalculated for all residential users after the month of March. The base rate shall be $8.25 per month. An additional charge of $.55 per 1,000 gallons shall be calculated as follows: the metered water usage for January, February and March of each year shall be divided by three to arrive at an average usage for these months. This average shall be multiplied by $.55 for each 1,000 gallons rounded to the nearest thousand.

Commercial Rate: minimum rate of $8.25 + $.55 per 1,000 gallons of water used, per month.

Solid Waste Rates

Effective January 1, 2013.

All charges billed monthly.

96-gallon toter

Residential: One toter $15.63 second toter is an additional $8.57

Commercial: One toter $15.63 second toter is an additional $15.63


Yard Containers

1 Pickup per week
200 Gal $38.68
300 Gal $47.30
450 Gal $57.08
2-300 Gal $69.36
2-450 Gal $88.43
3-450 Gal $121.53
4-450 Gal $158.33

2 Pickups per week
200 Gal $72.20
300 Gal $88.42
450 Gal $101.07
2-300 Gal $123.28
2-450 Gal $156.80
3-450 Gal $221.19
4-450 Gal $299.23