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Auditorium Renovation Grant Application


The Nebraska Department of Economic Development has announced the return of full funding for the CCCFF (Civic and Community Center Financing Fund) Grant.  This is great news for the City of Alma!  The City is applying for a construction grant in the full amount of $562,000.  The five criteria areas for this grant include: Retention Impact, New Resident Impact, Visitor Impact, Readiness & Local Public Support, and Project Planning. The grant also requires a 50% match with the matching funds in place at the time of application.

We are very thankful for the local public support thru the town hall meetings and surveys conducted in 2021 and the continued support of the Chamber of Commerce in fundraising for the auditorium renovation.  The fundraising dollars will help with the 50% match and additional costs. This will be beneficial for our grant consideration as it is a very competitive grant.

Since the Feasibility Study was conducted in 2021, the costs for the renovation have risen.  Today’s anticipated renovation cost has increased from the 2021’s amount of $1.2M to $1.9M.  We will be looking at dividing the renovation project into phases and will continue with each phase as further funding is available.  Additional grants are being researched to help assist with the increase in costs and the additional phases.

The proposed improvements preserve historic character while also increasing functionality of the building.  Improvements to be made include Brick Tuckpointing, New Roof, Wheelchair Lift to Stage, Acoustics, Electric Services, Lighting, HVAC, Windows & Doors, Flooring, Kitchen & Appliances, Men’s and Women’s restrooms and Outdoor Signage. The Kitchen and Restrooms will be moved to new areas to better utilize the functionality and space for each.

Upon award notification of the CCCFF Construction Grant in early April, our engineering firm of Miller & Associates will begin the formal bidding process with construction to begin as soon as the awarded contractors time allows.