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The City Council on October 6, 2021, voted to proceed with the Auditorium remodel.  The next step in the process is to establish funding for the estimated $1.2 million renovation and apply for a CCCFF Construction Grant.  The council voted to use the estimated CCCFF Grant in the amount of $562,000, the Community Building Department’s projected year-end balance of $413,000, along with $200,00 from cash reserves.  The remaining balance, which will vary according to the project bids, is to be paid with a combination of fundraising efforts and additional budgeted funds if available.

The Council at the October 21, 2021, meeting agreed to hold off on applying for the CCCFF Grant.  The NDED released is funding package for 2022 with reduced grant totals due to the decrease of funds received for this grant.  The total available, if awarded, would only be $375,000.  It was decided to hold off an see if the grant funding would be increased for the following year.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s Civic & Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF) program provides grants of state aid for the development of public spaces and civic, community, and recreation centers, as well as historic buildings or districts.  The City of Alma, if awarded, will use the CCCFF grant for the renovation of our public community center – the auditorium.  The City is required to have matching funds in place before applying for the Grant.  In 2020, the grant maximum for our population size was $562,000.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 application cycle did not award construction grants. The 2022 grant maximum was reduced to $375,000.

The City of Alma is very thankful for the Chamber of Commerce’s fundraising activities for this renovation project.  Showing community interest and effort on the grant application will go a long way to facilitate the approval process for our Auditorium.